Favorite Photo Contest

January has been cold and bleak. Yuck-o. Time to get your creative juices flowing again. So we’re announcing today a photo contest for everyone participating in Capital Bikeshare’s Winter Weather Warrior contest!  Winner will receive a $100 gift card to Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

Here are the rules:

  • Photo must contain some portion of a Capital Bikeshare bike or station. We are nothing if not narcissistic.
  • Photos can be from September – now. No superimposing CB bikes onto photos from the 70’s when you fancied yourself a budding Ansel Adams.
  • Photos submitted must be your own. Kind of a no-brainer, we hope.
  • Must release rights of use.  We own you, baby.
  • Photos must be appropriate, meaning no nudity or profanity. Seriously people, keep your goodies under wraps.
  • You may submit as many photos as you wish. Online! Please do not send collages, mobiles or scrapbooks with puffy paint to our office.
  • Please do not harm any animals in the making of your photo. A Chihuahua on a bicycle, while funny, is not safe.

How to submit:

  • Post pictures to Capital Bikeshare’s Facebook page.
  • In the caption, write “Favorite Photo”,  list your name as it is registered under the Winter Weather Warrior Contest, a description of the photo, where the photo was taken, and when the photo was taken.

The winner will be announced next week. Photos can be submitted through next Tuesday, February 1.