Our June 2011 Member of the Month

We’re delighted to welcome founding member Patricia S. into the illustrious ranks of the uber-exclusive Capital Bikeshare Member of the Month Club, which currently boasts two members. After sifting through piles of submissions (six) from eager CaBites, our expert panel of judges selected Patricia because she:

  1. Presented the merits of CaBi from a perspective we hadn’t heard before—that of a veteran slugger.
  2. Launched a one-woman marketing campaign to get more sluggers on the CaBi bandwagon.
  3. Called us “feisty.” Grrr…

Here is Patricia’s touching story:

How do you use Capital Bikeshare? I’m a slug—that means, of course, that I catch rides in Virginia into DC to work every day. But I work in Dupont Circle, which is several blocks farther north than most drivers go [and] slugging is unpredictable. Capital Bikeshare has given me a lot more options. For one thing, even if I catch a ride to my favorite destination, I can ride with the driver as far as they want to go and know that there will be a CaBi station somewhere close to where they stop, and I can bike the rest of the way. I also use CaBi for errands or to try a restaurant a bit farther from my office for lunch.

How has Capital Bikeshare impacted your life?I used to keep a cheap, poorly maintained bike downtown (as a defense against theft) to help me with my commute. But that tied me to wherever I left my bike last time. Now, with CaBi, I can always take the best ride opportunity without regard to where I left my bike last. Also, I feel much safer on the well-maintained bikes with important safety features, and I no longer have to worry about what might happen to my bike being left out on the streets of DC.

Would you recommend Capital Bikeshare to your friends?I recommend it to friends and strangers I meet on my commute every day. It puts the whole DC region on your doorstep so to speak. It is absolutely the best way to get around DC—faster and cheaper than driving or the Metro, with added health and environmental benefits. I advertise for CaBi in the slug line every day when people see my helmet and ask me where my bike is.

Patricia has won a two-month extension of her Capital Bikeshare membership and an awesome CaBi hat. If you want to be the next Capital Bikeshare Member of the Month (and you know you do), please email us at info@godcgo.com with your compelling, heartfelt story of your life with Capital Bikeshare.