July 2011 Member of the Month: Rebecca Y.

After hours of heated, closed-room debates a very cordial email chain about who to choose as our July Capital Bikeshare Member of the Month, we finally settled upon Rebecca Y., a plucky senior at Georgetown University and a member since May. To be perfectly honest, she had us at “Studying at one of the few universities in DC without a metro stop can really be a pain in the *%#.” Truth. She then proceeded to tell us why Capital Bikeshare is absolutely the hottest and most necessary investment a college student can make.

Apart from the fact that red is her favorite color and “CaBites look so cool riding them,” (they do!) here’s what she told us:

What do you like most about Capital Bikeshare?

“I can go wherever I want, whenever I want, at no added expense. I don’t have to wait for a delayed train or bus. I can just hop on a bike and go. It lets me live my life to the fullest and not waste time. I love Capital Bikeshare’s overall model of both cost effectiveness and efficiency. I also love how Capital Bikeshare has allowed me to explore DC in a whole new way. By using Capital Bikeshare, I have developed a greater appreciation for our nation’s capital and its majestic beauty.”

How has Capital Bikeshare impacted your life?

“It has greatly reduced my transportation costs and has allowed me to save more of my money. I am working at 2 unpaid internships this summer. Metro costs alone would have easily been $100+/month, but Capital Bikeshare is only $75/year. Wow!! Moreover, I have gotten great exercise by biking in DC: my legs are super strong now and I can conquer most hills after going up to Georgetown’s “Hilltop” every day. I also have developed a nice tan just from biking around in the DC sun. Best of all, I have made new friends since joining Capital Bikeshare, from both people that are curious about it and are interested to learn more and from people who have already joined and are happy to see another CaBi member. I also feel a sense of DC pride when I use Capital Bikeshare.”  

Have you taken any interesting trips on Capital Bikeshare?

“On my way back from work, I go through the beautiful and stately Lafayette Square. As usual, a large group of people are gathered around the gates taking pictures of the White House. Then, a couple people started taking pictures of me. I wondered, “Why are they taking pictures of me?” I looked around and saw that 2 other CaBi members were biking next to me, and I figured these tourists were excited to see all of our red bikes lined up. We represented a DC phenomenon; I felt cool and important!”

And really, isn’t cool and important what Capital Bikeshare is all about? Not really, but we love her for saying it. Thanks for representin’, Rebecca.