Capital Bikeshare's September Member of the Month!

Our September Capital Bikeshare Member of the Month was actually nominated by a friend—that’s how amazing (and humble) she is. We chose Pam D. because of her sheer chutzpah as a one-woman marketing machine, who’s not afraid to startle fellow CaBi riders that she spies on the street with shouts of “Yeah bikeshare!” And also because she really wants a Capital Bikeshare hat, which pulled at our heart strings.  Although her friend, Allison, had plenty of gems about Pam to share with us (Pam has a full-page Capital Bikeshare ad hanging over her desk), we’ll let you hear the rest from the winner herself:

How long have you been a Capital Bikeshare member?

Since it started!  I was in Columbia Heights at night and didn’t feel like waiting for the metro, so I decided to try out Capital Bikeshare. I loved how easy it was to get a bike and go.  Within a week, I bought an annual membership.

How do you use Capital Bikeshare?

If I could use it to commute (I work in Alexandria), then it would fulfill all of my transportation needs.  I use it for everything—shopping, visiting friends, going out on H Street, transportation, to meet up with friends for a run…etc.

How has Capital Bikeshare impacted your life?

Capital Bikeshare has REVOLUTIONIZED [caps are ours for dramatic effect] how I get around the district.  I always prefer to walk or ride a bike than take a bus or metro, and Capital Bikeshare made that possible for me.  It’s connected me to friends more easily—before Bikeshare, I’d take the metro and change lines two or three times, but now I can easily hop on a bike and be at their doors in no time.

Have you taken any interesting trips on Capital Bikeshare?

Hmm… Well, the best “adventure” was convincing my friend to ride the bikeshare from Columbia Heights at night to her home in SE, especially since I had to convince her that we would only take bike lanes and go slowly.  She’d only recently taken up biking, so it was a big step for her, and she, of course, loved it.

Pam D.: marketing maven, social butterfly, mentor, and most deserving of a new hat. Thanks for your kind words and stay safe out there with all your night biking.