November's Member of the Month: Fritz S.

We might never have known about Fritz S., our November Capital Bikeshare Member of the Month, had it not been for a very convincing submission on his behalf by his devoted girlfriend, Claire. Sure, we know he’s a member. We have his personal information. We even know where he lives. But without Claire’s touching email to us, truly a testament to her love for him, we never would have gotten to see the real Fritz S.—a man in love with his key fob.

A hardworking government attorney, Fritz was a founding member of Capital Bikeshare which earned him the ultra-exclusive Black Key Fob. He uses CaBi as his primary mode of transportation, and you’ll see him on a red bike daily as he pedals year-round from his Adams Morgan apartment to his office in SE. Although Claire does own a car, she reports that even on weekends they don’t use it—not because she is a bad driver, but because they both find that it’s so much easier to get around by bike and they never have trouble finding a parking space.

But let’s get back to the key fob. What really sold us on Fritz is his preoccupation with the key fob. Claire reports, “He is always showing off his fob to out-of-towners and local strangers and repping CaBi’s ease of use, cost savings and FUN!” It’s like show-and-tell day everyday! And really, what’s not to like about a dude who talks to you about stuff on his key chain? It’s a great ice-breaker, and if not for Claire hanging around, probably works well with the ladies. But alas, the story of Fritz and his magic key fob took a sad turn when he broke it from so much use and had to have it replaced with a…gulp…red one.

Fritz, thank you for “repping” CaBi so enthusiastically. We really do rely on the goodwill and word of mouth of our members to make it a successful program. And remember, it doesn’t matter if your fob is black or red, you are still a very special member of the Capital Bikeshare community.