Member of the Month, December 2011: Martha S. in Her Own Words

Normally, we write up a recap of everything we found most interesting about our Member of the Month. But we had to break with that tradition this month and just let Martha S. speak for herself (with occasional commentary in brackets). We think you’ll see why:

Why am I the next Capital Bikeshare Member of the Month?  Because I’m in love. [OMG, please dish!] With Capital Bikeshare [ohhhhh…] and how it’s filled a transportation gap I didn’t even know I had. [Actually, Martha, everyone else knew - they just didn’t want to tell you. It’s like you’ve had spinach in your teeth for a decade.] I love realizing I’m going to be late for something if I take the bus, and getting there early - and way happier! - because I just hopped on a bike.  I love being able to bike somewhere and not worry about hassling with locks and cables. [And some of us love not hassling to get off the couch on Sundays.] I love seeing other folks tooling around the city on a red bike and wanting to fist pump in solidarity. [You’re not the only one who has said this. It’s like a weird, fist-pumping cult out there.] I love coasting into a station and hearing the cheery chirp as my bike connects.  I love talking it up to everyone I know. [Do they nod and smile politely?] And I love that I’m planning to bike all through the winter for the first time in my life because I can’t imagine giving up my CaBi addiction. [Woo-hoo!!]

Congrats again, Martha. You are a rock star. Enjoy your sassy new CaBi hat, membership extension and winter riding!