April Member of the Month: Mike E.

Don’t diss the ‘burbs! Our April Member of the Month, Mike E. of Fairfax, VA, proves you don’t have to live in the District or Arlington to make Capital Bikeshare a big part of your life. When Mike had finally had enough of his 75-90 minute car commute to Navy Yard every day, he started eying CaBi as the potential silver bullet for alleviating his commuting nightmare.

Mike explained, “Capital Bikeshare allowed me to give up my car, by riding my own bike to the VRE station in Burke Centre, riding the VRE to L’Enfant, and then picking up a red CaBi bike and locking back up near the Navy Yard Metro station in Near SE.”

Asked what he loved most about Capital Bikeshare, Mike joined the ranks of our other Members of the Month who heartily attest to the conversational benefits of CaBi and fixate endlessly on their key fobs. He states, “Most of all, my red key fob made me part of a community.  I felt like an active member of the city even with my suburban zip code. People seeing my CaBi key on my work badge necklace would ask me in what part of the city do I live, ‘Near George Mason!’ My response would always spark conversations about how great CaBi is even for those of us southwest of the river (25 miles to be exact).”

Thanks for your letter, Mike. We’re happy that you are no longer that nose-against-the-glass suburban outsider looking in on the party that you weren’t invited to. Enjoy your updated membership and handsome hat!