Member of the Month: Julie M.

Wow, did we have a load of great submissions this time for our May Member of the Month! It’s always hard to choose just one, but Julie M.’s story stood out to us because she is making the world a better place for our geriatric citizens of the District – and she’s taking Capital Bikeshare along for the ride! Here’s what Julie told us:

“As a geriatric social worker, it is essential that I visit my clients in their homes, as they often face mobility challenges that would prevent them from coming into our office…I visit them to help connect them with city services and our growing volunteer corps, as well as to provide counseling and support.  As a result, I spend most of my time traveling around Capitol Hill to visit members in their homes—and wow have you guys made that easier!  I joined Bikeshare about this time last year, and I’ve been providing social work on two wheels to our members via Bikeshare ever since.  It has been great to have the increased number of stations and bikes throughout Capitol Hill and Hill East, as I can move quickly between clients’ homes and my office—not to mention downtown to meetings or to my home in Shaw.  My visits to our homebound members are an essential part of our services, and I’ve really appreciated what Bikeshare has done to help me get where I need to go faster.  Plus, carrying a helmet into a client’s home is always a great conversation starter!”

Prior to becoming a member, Julie admits she wasn’t much of a bikey type, but “Bikeshare brought me back into the biking world, no question!” Back in the day, she relied instead on public transit and then walked to clients’ homes. While the walk wasn’t too much for our Julie to handle, she claims that Bikeshare has significantly reduced her travel times, allowing her to schedule more home appointments with clients. So now, you can add improved job efficiency to the list of Capital Bikeshare membership benefits!

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Julie. You are truly an inspiration!