Safety Tip: Obey all Regulatory Signs and Traffic Lights

When riding your bike, either in the street or on the sidewalk, you are obligated to follow all appropriate laws as they relate to pedestrians, bikes and automobiles. This starting point allows all users of the road to be safe and respectful of each other.

1. As the driver of a vehicle, you are required to stop at all stop signs and red traffic signals. At stop signs, be sure to yield to vehicles that have reached the intersection before you.

2. When stopping at an intersection, stop before the crosswalk. Be respectful and stay out of the way of pedestrians crossing in front of you.

3. Bikes are not allowed to ride the wrong way down one-way streets, unless specifically directed to by signs (DC has one of these at northbound New Hampshire and T Streets, NW).

4. If riding on the sidewalk (it is legal to do so outside of the central business district), follow the pedestrian signals. Also, slow down when crossing intersections in the crosswalk, as turning drivers are not expecting fast moving sidewalk traffic and may not see you.

This is just one tip for safer cycling, but the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) is a wellspring of additional useful information. Make them your go-to resource for safety tips, bike classes, events and more at