June Member of the Month: Steve G.

In honor of the month of Father’s Day, we chose Steve G. as our June Member of the Month after he wrote to us about the impact that Capital Bikeshare has had, not only on his own life, but on his son’s as well. Steve writes:

Not the most compelling CaBi member of the month story [oh, it’s compelling, Steve!], but I’m a Bikeshare Dad. I ride with my son who is in the second grade and has his own bike. He knows how much I rely on its service and that it gets me home from work to see him faster than any other mode. Instead of asking how many years until he is old enough to get the car keys, he wants to know when he can get his own Capital Bikeshare key fob.

Steve had some outstanding answers to the rest of our questions too. Read on for more about how Capital Bikeshare has transformed his life and how he has used it to bond with his son.

How do you use Capital Bikeshare?
Mostly commuting to work, but also errands and local meetings. Also, showing off for out-of- town visitors who have never seen bikesharing. [Steve also shows off his indoor plumbing.]

How has Capital Bikeshare impacted your life?
Life will never be the same. [When it comes to grand statements, our members never disappoint, do they?] I’ve always loved getting around by bike, but since I know so little about bike repair, it only took a flat tire or small brake misalignment to keep me off bikes for months. Capital Bikeshare got me riding again, so I use my own bike more and it’s caused me to get my son interested in cycling as well.

What do you like best about Capital Bikeshare?
I love the freedom of movement [That’s because you’re a good American, Steve!]. That little key fob in my pocket has saved me so many times. Missed the bus? Can’t find a cab? Heavy traffic? No Metro to Georgetown? No problem. Just turn the corner and there’s a dock full of gleaming red bikes waiting for me.

Have you taken any interesting trips on Capital Bikeshare?
I have to say that my favorite bikeshare rides have been in bad weather. The bikes are so sturdy and the tires so knobby and thick that when it rains or snows I know I’ll have an easy time finding a bike and dock and that I’ll be the first one home from work. I have great memories of quiet winter rides on snowy streets with motorists pretty much standing still or staying home.

Why is it important for you to share your love of biking with your son? What kind of rides do you go on? [This is our favorite part!]
I grew up in the suburbs and was severely limited by having to be carted around by parents or older siblings in the back of a station wagon. Cycling is one of those truly urban joys that our kids will experience growing up. It will make them feel connected to every part of the city and able to get around in ways we never could as kids. I love that cycling is the new normal for our kids. They are growing up in a world where the fastest way to get from here to there is on two wheels.

A lot of our rides are on the 15th St. cycletrack, so we take it to summer camp at the DCJCC and to the White House, Mall, and monuments. We also ride to the library. Next year we’ll be riding to school most days, so I’m really looking forward to that.