CaBi Bike Steering Limiter Tab Solution

To date, ninety Capital Bikeshare bikes have been found by service staff to have a broken steering limiter tab and removed from service.  The tab is a small piece of metal that is part of the steerer tube and which runs in a narrow channel on the top of the fork crown.  The tabs are there to give the bike better stability when the kick stand is down, prevent damage to the frame from over-steering, and protect the wiring in the head tube.  Our mechanics have discovered that sometimes this tab breaks and needs to be removed.  Since the launch of the system, all bikes that have been found to have a steering limiter tab problem have been removed from service pending a solution from the bike manufacturer.

The solution recently became available after rigorous testing to ensure that Capital Bikeshare riders will see no difference in the performance or quality of the bikes. The black buttons that can be found on some of the bikes on both sides of the downtube are designed to serve the same purpose as the steering limiter tab.  We are in the process of applying this solution to all bikes that have been found to have steering tab issues.  Capital Bikeshare will continue to monitor the fleet and any additional bikes that are found to have the steering tab issue will also receive the solution.