August Member of the Month: William N.

At Capital Bikeshare, we really like numbers – miles traveled, trips taken, calories burned – the bigger the better, as far as we’re concerned! That’s why when it came to choosing our newest Member of the Month, we asked ourselves, “Hmmm….who is our oldest member?” The answer to that, friends, is one Mr. William N., age 79 and a member of Capital Bikeshare for nearly two years. We caught up with William for a brief chat about his experience as a member, and we think he serves as a great example of how Capital Bikeshare really does work for a broad spectrum of people of all ages.

Have you been a cyclist for many years, or is this a recent interest?

I started biking as a kid, and I still ride regularly in Maine where I spend part of the summer, but I had stopped biking in Washington some years ago. When Bikeshare came along I signed up and have renewed my pleasure in biking.

How do you use Capital Bikeshare (commute to work or to other public transit, errands & shopping, entertainment venues, etc)?

I use it in a number of ways. Sometimes I do errands. A favorite destination is Politics and Prose Bookstore. It all up hill getting there, but it’s a coast home to Cleveland Park. Sometimes, when there is a Bikeshare Station handy to my destination, I will bike to an event—drinks with friends, or a movie. Sometimes I just go for a ride for the pleasure of it, and for the exercise. Somewhere along the way I’ll treat myself to a cup of coffee.

How has Capital Bikeshare impacted your life?

It has clearly brought a little joy into my life. I get a little spring in my step when I head down to my local Bikeshare Station.

What do you like best about Capital Bikeshare?

I just love the concept and I pray it will take hold. For it to really work right, there will have to be more dedicated bike lanes, which will take time and money. I just hope that, as we wait for that to happen, the bikers and the drivers of cars can find an accommodation and put up with one another.

Well said. Thanks for sharing your time and thoughts with us, William!