Visualization of Rides After October 10 Nationals Game

The Washington Nationals October playoff run sure was exciting.  Almost as exciting was the volume of bike activity around Nationals stadium.  Clearly, lots of Nats fans are realizing that getting to and from the game by bike is the way to go!  The bike parking at the stadium was full, every rack and lamppost in the area had a bike locked to it, and the Capital Bikeshare stations were jamming.  In fact, the station closest to the stadium had a staffed bike corral for the playoff games which was used by well over 100 riders each game!

We thought it would be interesting to see where all those Capital Bikeshare riders dispersed to after the game.  Take a look at the visualization above.

Red circles represent the volume of bikes going out from the 3 stations near the stadium. Green circles represent volume of bikes arriving at other stations throughout the system.

This visualization shows trips starting between 4pm and 5pm on October 10, 2012. The start stations included are 1st & N St SE (including corral), M St & New Jersey Ave SE, and 1st & K St SE.