Capital Bikeshare Hits 5 Million & a Lot of Other Awesome Bikeshare Stats

We’ve hit another milestone! On Sunday, August 18, Capital Bikeshare hit 5 million rides! That’s right, 5 MILLION. But we’d be remiss to omit the other totally awesome milestones we hit that very same week! We had the highest weekly ridership ever, with 67,980 trips taken and had the highest daily ridership average, with 9,711 trips. That’s almost 10,000 trips on Capital Bikeshare a day! Less than a month from our third anniversary, we’ll take it!

And who was the unsuspecting 5 millionth rider? One Ally Pregulman picked up a bike at the Adams Mill Rd & Columbia Rd station and docked it at 14th and Harvard at exactly 7:36pm. The purpose of her trip, you ask? Well, it so happens that Ally is a bit of a do-gooder and rode over to her friend’s house to administer a home-cooked meal to help him mend a broken wrist. She’s like the Florence Nightingale of Capital Bikeshare, if you will. Naturally, we will shower her with Capital Bikeshare paraphernalia and throw in some goodies for her injured fellow CaBi member as well. Congratulations, Ally!