Papal Visit Service Alerts

**Update: Capital Bikeshare corral service will be offered at select locations during the Papal Visit to serve our riders. Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest updates.

*UPDATED* September Events Affecting Your Ride

**Update: Capital Bikeshare corral service will be offered at select locations during the Papal Visit to serve our riders. Please scroll down for more information**

September is shaping up to be a busy month for our area. Please keep in mind that some of the events happening in the region will impact the Capital Bikeshare system, including the Papal Visit, the Landmark Music Festival, The Nation’s Triathlon and the DC Tour de Cure. These events will affect our ability to service stations and may necessitate the disabling of certain stations, particularly during the Papal visit. Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest updates.

Service Alert: Capital Bikeshare Bike Corral for Tomorrow's Earth Day Event on the Mall

SERVICE ALERT: Bike corral for Earth Day Concert

Capital Bikeshare will host a bike corral for members headed to the The Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day Rally tomorrow, April 18 2015. The corral will be held from 12 noon until 8pm at the USDA/12th St & Independence Ave SW station, close to the perimeter of the event.

A bike corral is a station staffed by Capital Bikeshare team members, and provides guaranteed docking for riders.. Following the event, bikes will be available on a first-come, first-served basis at the corral until they are gone.

Road closures and security perimeters surrounding the event may affect other stations in the area. Please be sure to check Spotcycle or head directly to the corral for the best service.

Service Alert: System Has Returned to Normal Service

System Software Upgrade Complete— Service Functioning Normally

The Capital Bikeshare system underwent a comprehensive software upgrade for the first time in our four year history. We are pleased to report that the update was successful and that all features of the system are now fully operational.

  • Credit card rentals are now accepted
  • All memberships (annual, monthly, day key) are once again fully operational
  • Short term membership sales have resumed at all station kiosks
  • Live station status feeds have resumed, so Spotcycle and other web programs are now up-to-date
  • is back online and accepting new member registrations and allowing current members to login to their accounts

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this process, and are excited to utilize this new software to provide a better riding experience for all of our users.


The Capital Bikeshare Team

Service Alert: System Software Upgrade Status Update

The Capital Bikeshare system is nearing the end of the first comprehensive software upgrade in our four year history. The system servers and a majority of the stations have been updated successfully, and we are able to report the following:

  • Key holding members are able to take and return bikes as usual at ALL stations.
  • Live station status feeds have resumed, so Spotcycle and other web programs are now up-to-date
  • is back online and accepting new member registrations and allowing current members to login to their accounts
  • Credit card rentals, short term membership sales and Day Keys are now accepted at a majority of stations. To find a station near you offering credit card rentals, call the customer service line at 1 (800) 430-BIKE (2543)

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this process, and are excited to utilize this new software to provide a better riding experience for all of our users. We will notify you as soon as the software update is complete.


The Capital Bikeshare Team

Service Alert: System to Undergo Significant Software Upgrade; All Users Affected

System to Undergo Significant Software Upgrade Beginning Feb. 3 at 7pm.

For the first time in our four year history, Capital Bikeshare will undergo a significant upgrade to the operational software that powers the system. The upgrade will improve the user experience for our members by expanding the management tools available to the program’s governing jurisdictions, and to our operations contractor, Motivate International Inc. (formerly Alta Bicycle Share). The new system software will also allow us to begin testing new equipment for future expansion.
Full details are available here.

Service Alert: 2014 Marine Corps Marathon

On Sunday October 26, the 39th Marine Corps Marathon will be run in DC and Arlington County. Road closures associated with the Marathon and its surrounding events will impact our ability to serve numerous stations in the area, as well as many major bike routes. Here is a list of the affected stations along and around the race course, primarily between the hours of 4am and 4pm on Sunday:

Key Shipments Delayed

Due to issues with our supplier, and heavier than anticipated member sign ups, we are currently out of Capital Bikeshare member keys.
We expect to have new keys delivered the week of July 7th, but if you’d like to be notified when we have keys to ship please email  If you signed up before the notice was posted on our sign up page then you will receive your key shortly.

If you are not yet a member, you can still sign up for membership today!  Just visit our Join Page and fill out the membership form to get started.  Don’t worry! Your membership won’t start until you receive your key and activate it.  24 hour and 3 day memberships are available at every Capital Bikeshare station. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Equipment Delays

As you may know, the equipment supplier for Capital Bikeshare, Public Bike System Company, filed for bankruptcy protection in January. This has had no impact on Capital Bikeshare operations, but it has led to delays in the shipping of new bikeshare stations. Alta Bicycle Share, the operator of Capital Bikeshare, is working diligently on completing station orders for Capital Bikeshare’s jurisdictions. In the meantime, there are a few stations currently in our warehouse that will be installed in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.

Capital Bikeshare Reopening!

Capital Bikeshare will reopen starting at 11:00am today, 2/14/14.  Our crews are working hard to clear stations, but with so many it will take some time before we get to every single one.  Please note that accumulated snow beneath the rear wheel may prevent the bike from being docked properly.  Be sure to clear the snow before you dock and always wait for the green light to confirm the bike is secure. 

Our whole operations team is working hard to clear our 300+ stations of snow and ice. Have some free time and feel like chipping in? Tweet, Facebook or email us a photo of you helping out and you could win a free annual membership!  Please be sure to include the station name.

Thanks for your patience, and please be careful out there!

Service Alert: System Closure

Due to the weather and road conditions, Capital Bikeshare service will temporarily be suspended starting at 6:30am.  We will reopen once conditions for safe operation of the system have returned.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Capital Bikeshare Inauguration Alert

Security measures and traffic restrictions that will be put in place for the upcoming inauguration will have a significant impact on Capital Bikeshare. Please take the time to read the information below regarding the specific impacts the inauguration will have on our service.  In the past, the Secret Service have changed plans and have shut down access as events happen so be prepared to change your route or to make new plans. Be flexible!

Station Removals
Due to security measures being put in place for the inauguration, Capital Bikeshare will be completely removing stations in the area of the inaugural parade route (from the Capitol to the White House) starting this week. 

On Wednesday, January 16, the following stations will be removed:
• 10th & E St NW
• 10th & Constitution Ave NW
• 15th & NY Ave NW

On Thursday, January 17th the following stations will be removed:
• Reagan Building/14th & D St NW
• 14th & G St NW
• 14th & H St NW

Station Reinstallation
Removed stations will be reinstalled starting on Wednesday, January 23rd and be completed by Thursday, January 24th.

Pre- and Post-Inauguration Bike Corrals
In order to accommodate our members while these stations are taken off the street, we will be hosting a bike corral at the 13th and NY NW station from 8am to 10am.  The morning corral will be available on the following days:

• Wednesday, January 16th
• Thursday, January 17th
• Friday, January 18th
• Tuesday, January 22nd
• Wednesday, January 23rd
• Thursday, January 24th

Please note that while we can guarantee you a place to dock your bike, we cannot guarantee that a bike will be available for your return trip, so please plan accordingly.
Rebalancing During the Inauguration (Monday, January 21st)
Due to the security perimeter established for the inauguration, a significant number of downtown stations will not be accessible to rebalancing vehicles.  Other stations outside the perimeter will be difficult to access due to road closures, security measures, and anticipated high volumes of traffic.  As a result, we may have difficulty rebalancing many downtown stations.  We ask for your patience during this time.  Please be sure to consult Spotcycle before starting your trip.

Inaccessible Stations on the National Mall (Monday, January 21st)
There will be two stations on the National Mall that will be out of service during the Inauguration: 14th and Jefferson and 12th and Jefferson (Smithsonian Metro). These stations will be shut down during the event and will open up in the evening after the parade has finished. We are expecting this to be around 7pm.

Inauguration Day Bike Corrals
To accommodate the anticipated high usage of Capital Bikeshare on Monday, January 21st, we will be hosting two bike corrals, one each on the north and south sides of the security perimeter:  The north corral will be held at the 17th and K NW station next to Farragut Square.  The south corral will be at the 12th and Independence Ave SW (USDA) station.  Both corrals will be open from 7am to 5pm.  You will be guaranteed a place to drop off your Capital Bikeshare bike but we cannot guarantee a bike for return trips.

Other Inauguration Resources

District Department of Transportation
Downtown BID
US Secret Service

Thanks in advance for your patience.  We will do our best to provide the best possible service in this challenging environment.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

The Capital Bikeshare Team

District Department of Transportation, Arlington County, City of Alexandria, run by Alta Bicycle Share

Capital Bikeshare Reopening at 1pm Today

Capital Bikeshare will be reopening starting at 1pm today. Please note that rebalancing will not resume until 4pm, and the Prince and Union station in Alexandria will remain out of service. If you come across any damage to stations or bikes please let us know via FB or Twitter. If you do choose to ride, please watch for standing water, downed power lines and felled trees. Thanks for your patience and understanding during this severe weather event.

Capital Bikeshare Weather Alert 10-29-12

As severe weather and high winds will continue to impact the DC area, Capital Bikeshare will remain closed through Tuesday morning at a minimum. An announcement on when the system will reopen may be made after weather conditions improve and the system is checked for storm-related damage. Thanks for your patience.

Capital Bikeshare Service Alert 10-28-12

Due to the expected severe weather, Capital Bikeshare will be closing temporarily starting at 1am Monday morning. If you have a bike out at this time you will be able to return it, but no new rentals will be available. The system will reopen when weather conditions allow.

To report any damage to Capital Bikeshare stations or bikes please contact our customer service line at 1-877-430-BIKE or email Posts to Facebook and Twitter would also help Capital Bikeshare track and respond to damaged equipment.