Expansion Update

Capital Bikeshare continues to expand! Crews have installed new stations in the following District locations:

  • 3rd St & Pennsylvania Ave, SE
  • 8th & D St, NW
  • 3rd & Elm St, NW
  • Rhode Island Ave & V St NE
  • Constitution Ave & 2nd St NW /DOL
  • Washington & Independence Ave SW/HHS

  • We’ll keep you posted on new developments in Arlington, Alexandria and Montgomery County.

    Zen Around the City

    Hey ladies – did you know that similar to yoga, biking can help reduce levels of stress? We sure did, so we’re excited to tell you about BikeArlington’s women’s event “Zen Around the City”! BikeArlington has partnered with Mind Your Body Oasis yoga studio to show you how incorporating biking into your life can help make the hustle and bustle of city life less stressful. With experts on hand to tailor the information to your unique needs, you’ll be one step closer to a happier, healthier and more “zenful” life! So join us for a night of yoga, biking and fun! Tickets are $5 and include dinner and a goodie bag worth $25. Visit the event website to RVSP.

    Hot Weather Biking Tips

    We don’t need to tell you that it’s been a hot, humid summer so far. You’ve been out there on those sweet, red bikes anyways because you’re not scared of no stinkin’ heat! Good for you! We regret to inform you, however, that you can, in fact, become uncomfortably, and sometimes dangerously, dehydrated if you’re not careful. That’s why we’d like to pass along this helpful infographic from our friends at BikeArlington and goDCgo. It’s packed full of good information and somehow manages to also be adorable. Please read the aptly titled “Hot Weather Biking Tips,” and pass it along to your fellow cyclists!

    Rebalancing Act

    We get a whole lot of questions every week asking “what the heck’s up with empty/full stations?!” Frankly, this makes us very sad and a little mopey, but we feel your frustration and try to answer you as best and as promptly as we can. For those of you who send us these questions or are thinking about doing so, we’re going to try to paint the full picture of the challenges we face daily in keeping all stations adequately balanced to serve your needs and what we are doing to improve that service.

    Updated Official Statement on Department of Labor Federal Wage Inquiry

    The District, Arlington and Alexandria, the jurisdictions that own Capital Bikeshare, are aware of a recent petition launched by current and former employees of Alta Bicycle Share, the contractor that operates the system, regarding their employment in DC.

    Alta has assured the jurisdictions that they fully value their work force and that they are doing everything they can to ensure that they are in compliance with federal wage guidelines.

    The jurisdictions are following this closely and await any outcomes from the U.S. Department of Labor.