Rush Hour Round-Ups Exceed Expectations

st St & I St NW or 13th St & New York Ave NW are now greeted with a set of open docks and a large “corral” of available bikes.

Early results are in, and Corral Service has been well-received from Day 1! To date, we have docked over xxx bikes in the two corrals, averaging 33 per day at 21st & I and 72 per day at 13th & New York Ave.

Corral Service will continue through September with the possibility for additional service based on demand.

Stay Informed with New Email Notifications

We’re activating some new email features in our system software to keep you better informed about your recent Capital Bikeshare activity and help us keep the system running smoothly. These messages are sent to key holding members only.

  • Long Rental Notice: If you take out a Bikeshare bike for more than 60 minutes, we’ll send you an email to let you know that you’ve had the bike out a while, and encourage you to find a nearby dock to avoid further usage fees. If you already docked the bike, but still receive this email, please contact customer service and provide the station at which it was docked. This will help us locate the bike.
  • Red Wrench Button Follow-Up: When you dock a bike and press the red wrench button to report an issue, we’ll send you a follow-up email asking you to describe the issue you experienced with the bike. This will help us better diagnose the bikes and plan their repairs.

Finally, we have adjusted our monthly billing emails to be sent only to members who have incurred a usage fee in the previous month. You will no longer receive a monthly billing statement if the balance is $0.

Bikeshare Fights Poverty Abroad

Being a Bikeshare bike is a tough job. You live outside 24/7, ride through all kinds of weather and are always on the move. Fortunately, there is a team of crack mechanics and bike techs who work to keep you up and running smoothly. But what happens to the old parts that come and go during a bike’s service life?

While these worn tires, used inner tubes, sticky brake levers, replaced pedals, cracked or damaged saddles and other bicycle components might not be of further use to the familiar red fleet we know and love, they are far from finished. Many of the components that come off bikes in the Capital Bikeshare bike spa are donated by our operations team to area non-profit Bikes for the World (BftW) and added to their shipments of donated used bicycles that are sent to one of their partner organizations across the globe.

Check out what parts go where after the break.

Destination: Rockville

Head north into Montgomery County via the Red Line or the Bethesda Trolley Trail and you’ll find a Bikeshare oasis in Rockville. With 21 stations in and around the area connecting transit to work and play, there is plenty to do with your Bikeshare membership. We’ve created a list of things to do and see when you explore Rockville’s comfortable neighborhood streets and downtown avenues, as well as its parks and trails. Check it out here.

Announcing Morning Corral Service

Have you been dreaming of a morning bikeshare ride with the option of unlimited docking in downtown DC?


Well, round up your helmet and Bikeshare fob —beginning Thursday, May 14, we’ll be providing weekday Corral Service at two downtown stations from 7am to 11am at the following locations:

  • 21st St & Eye St NW in Foggy Bottom

  • 13th St & New York Ave NW near Metro Center & Franklin Square

Corral Service will offer guaranteed open docks in the morning by having staff on hand to remove bikes when the station docks are full. This service is included with your membership, to make your Bikeshare experience more convenient and enjoyable.

We’ll offer Corral Service every weekday morning through the end of September, with the potential for extension depending on demand.

We’re excited to roll out Corral Service on Bike to Work Week. Be sure to join us on Thursday, May 14 for the first day of Corral Service, as we hand out Capital Bikeshare swag at both locations. If your morning ride takes you to the Wild Wild (North)West, come by and say hello!