Fourth of July Corral

The Fourth of July is Friday and we’ll be there to celebrate with a bike corral! This temporary docking location will be staffed by our operations team and will ensure that those who choose to take Capital Bikeshare to the fireworks have a guaranteed place to dock their bike. The corral will be located at the 10th & Constitution station from 3 p.m. until one hour after the fireworks end. Keep in mind that we can’t guarantee that a bike will be around when you’re ready to head home, so stay prepared and be sure to know your other options. See you out there!

Key Shipments Delayed

Due to issues with our supplier, and heavier than anticipated member sign ups, we are currently out of Capital Bikeshare member keys.
We expect to have new keys delivered the week of July 7th, but if you’d like to be notified when we have keys to ship please email  If you signed up before the notice was posted on our sign up page then you will receive your key shortly.

If you are not yet a member, you can still sign up for membership today!  Just visit our Join Page and fill out the membership form to get started.  Don’t worry! Your membership won’t start until you receive your key and activate it.  24 hour and 3 day memberships are available at every Capital Bikeshare station. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Weekend Street Closures to Affect Rebalancing in DC, Arlington

Weekend street closures for planned events will affect rebalancing operations in DD and Arlington on June 7 and 8. Please be aware that stations located in or around the following areas may not be able to be rebalanced during this time.

Saturday, June 7

Arlington – Clarendon - 4:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.:

•Wilson Boulevard from N. Fillmore Street to Washington Boulevard
•Clarendon Boulevard from Washington Boulevard to N. Fillmore Street
•Washington Boulevard from Wilson Boulevard to N. Highland Street
•N. Highland Street from Wilson Boulevard to Washington Boulevard
•N. Garfield Street/N. Fillmore Street from Wilson Boulevard to Washington Boulevard

DC – Downtown / Dupont Circle – 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Street Closures
•25th St NW between M & N ( Staging Area)
•24th St NW between M & N ( Staging Area)
•23rd St NW between M & P ( Staging Area)
•N St NW between 22nd & 25th
•M St NW between 22nd & 25th

Parade Route
•East on P St from 23rd St NW
•Clockwise around Dupont Circle
•North on New Hampshire Ave
•East on R St
•South on 17th St
•East on P St
•North on 14th to N Street NW to the disbanding area just past R Street, NW

Festival (7 p.m. Saturday 7/7 until 2 a.m. Monday, 7/9)
•Pennsylvania Ave NW between 3rd & 7th Street NW
•Constitution Ave NW between 3rd & 7th Street NW
•4th Street NW between Madison Drive NW & Pennsylvania Ave NW
•6th Street NW between C Street NW & Constitution Ave NW

Sunday, June 8

Arlington – Crystal City/Pentagon – 5 a.m. to 11 a.m.
•Crystal Drive between 23rd Street and 15th Street
•Westbound lanes of 23rd Street between Crystal Drive and S. Clark Street
•Westbound lanes of 20th Street between Bell Street and Jefferson Davis Highway
•18th Street between Crystal Drive and S. Bell Street
•Clark Street between 20th Street and 23rd Street.
•West bound lanes of 15th Street between 14th Road S. and S. Eads Street
•East bound lanes of 15th Street between Crystal Drive and S. Bell Street
•North bound Route 110 between North Kent Street in Rosslyn and Route 1/Jefferson Davis Highway
•North bound lanes of Route 1/Jefferson Davis Highway between Route 110 and 20th Street
•Washington Blvd east bound between Route 110 and I-395
•Washington Blvd west bound between exit for Boundary Channel and I-395
•Columbia Pike (Route 244) from S Washington Blvd to S Oak St.
•S Joyce from Army Navy Drive to Columbia Pike
•S. South Gate Road between Columbia Pike and Hobson Drive

Arlington – Crystal City/Pentagon – 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
•Crystal Drive between 23rd Street and 18th Street
•East bound lanes of 18th Street between Crystal Drive and S. Bell Street
•20th Street between Crystal Drive and S. Bell Street
•East bound lane of 20th Street between Route 1 and S. Bell Street
•Westbound lanes of 23rd Street between Crystal Drive and S. Clark Street will be closed
•Clark Street between 20th Street and 23rd Street

Rebalancing Act (Redux)

The sun is out, temperatures are up and there’s no mistaking that summer weather is back! Unfortunately, that also means that we’re seeing more and more questions about station and dock availability. It’s true – our wonderful members (that’s you!) are very active in the warmer months. Whether it’s biking to work, checking out the sights or meeting friends, a lot of you are out there riding our red bikes.

We work hard to ensure that every member can use the system to serve them best, but the reality is, sometimes there isn’t a bike or a dock waiting for you when you arrive at a station. For those of you who’ve encountered this issue recently, here are a few things to know about rebalancing the Capital Bikeshare system, to paint a better picture of how we move bikes and why your preferred station might be full or empty:

Rainy Day Ride Advice

After a rainy Bike to Work Day morning worthy of an epic tale or song, we asked our members for their best tips on riding in the rain. Here’s eight of our favorite bits of rainy day advice that you came up with:

•“The importance of a good rain coat cannot be overemphasized.” – @humaimtiaz on Twitter
•“Bring another set of clothes.” Noe S. via Facebook
•“Pack extra socks!” – @gapoole on Twitter
•“Keep a towel or rag in your bag to wipe the seat down.” Miguel A. via Facebook
•“Fenders. All Day. Every Day.” – Greg M. on Facebook (Editor’s Note: Our bikes have those!)
•“Keep a plastic bag in your pocket and use it to cover the seat. Even if the cushion has absorbed some water, your bum will stay dry.” – Patricia S. on Facebook
•“Take corners slowly and allow for more time to stop.” – @GeraldF_PE on Twitter
•“Pretend like you’re at a POTUS meet-and-greet: See and be seen! (Lights and bright clothing)” – @emptej on Twitter

All of our bikes are equipped with lights and fenders to keep you dry and visible when the skies turn gray. As always, we remind you to use your best judgment when deciding whether to ride in inclement weather conditions. Have another good wet weather tip? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!