Points and Rewards

Every Bike Angels point you earn is added to your monthly and lifetime point totals. We'll be adding new rewards throughout the year.

Monthly Rewards

Monthly points earn rewards that keep you and friends riding longer. Monthly points reset the 1st of each month.

  • 10 points: 24 hour pass for one (extremely lucky) friend
  • 20-80 points: Free 1-week membership extension for every 20 points

Lifetime Rewards

Stay tuned for rewards based on Bike Angel lifetime point totals.

Earning Points

Example Trips

1 point: Start at neutral station, bike to 1-point Drop Off
0 points: Trips with Drop Off points at trip start will not earn points
2 points: Start at 2-point Pick Up station, bike to neutral station
0 points: Trips with Pick Up points at trip end will not earn points
3 points: Start at 2-point Pick Up station, bike to 1-point Drop Off station
0 points: Biking from empty to full stations won't earn points either

A few more tips on earning points

  • Station status and score take into account current fill level and the future flow of bikes.
  • The scores on the map update every 15 minutes, on the hour and 15, 30, and 45 minutes past.
  • If a Bike Angel is "gaming" the system (e.g. biking back and forth between two stations) these points will be vacated.