6th Commuter Corral Service Arrives on Monday, May 1

It's a merry start to May with the announcement of our 6th Commuter Corral Service opening Monday, May 1st at the 20th St and Virginia Ave NW station.

This new Corral Service will operate between 8am and 1pm just as our other five locations do with a team ready and waiting to help move bikes out of the way to assure a guaranteed open dock when you arrive.

Corral Service for all six locations operates Monday through Friday, except federal holidays, through the spring, summer and fall and is included in your membership to help make your morning commute a bit more convenient and enjoyable.

New to the roster effective May 1, 2017:

20th and Virginia Ave, NW

20th and Virginia Ave Corral Service

Joining in with these five favorite locations:

21st St & I St NW

13th St & New York Ave NW

17th & K St NW / Farragut Sq.

Maryland & Independence Ave SW

7th & F St NW/Portrait Gallery