Capital Bikeshare 101

Welcome to metro DC's bikeshare system! We've put together this video tour to help you navigate the bikes, stations and more.

First, a quick overview of our system...

Now, let’s do a little run down of all the things you need to know to use Capital Bikeshare quickly, safely and easily. The following videos will help you get to know a little bit about the system and make your first ride smooth and simple.

1. Finding a Bike

Looking for a station, bike or dock? Download the Capital Bikeshare app and get up-to-the-minute info on stations near you.

2. Using the Kiosk

Don’t have your phone handy? You can get bike and dock info about nearby stations from any station kiosk. Simply select “additional info” and follow the prompts.

3. Adjusting the Seat Height

Before you ride, it’s important to get the seat height right for you. Raise or lower for your inseam.

4. Helmets

We always recommend using a helmet while riding Capital Bikeshare bikes.

5. Unlocking a Bike

To check out a bike, simply use your key or code, wait for the green light and lift the bike from under the seat. Easy!

6. Returning a Bike

To return a bike to a station, push it firmly into the dock, make sure to see that green light and you’re good to go.

7. Ring that Bell!

Be courteous to those around you. Ring that bell and let them know you are riding nearby.

8. Report a Bike Issue

Have an issue with your Capital Bikeshare bike? When you return it to the nearest dock, please press the red wrench button on the dock to indicate that the bike has a problem and our staff will check it out.

9. Forget Your Key?

Forget your membership key? No worries. Use your credit card at the kiosk to access your membership and check out a bike or go to your CaBi app on your phone to request a code.

10. Be Alert

Be alert while riding, mindful of your surroundings and aware of those around you.

11. Follow All Traffic Laws

We expect all of our members to obey traffic laws while riding Capital Bikeshare bikes. No exceptions.

12. Riding on Sidewalks

Ride on the sidewalk only when necessary. If you do ride on a sidewalk (where allowed), yield the right of way to people walking. We remind you that riding on sidewalks is illegal in the Downtown DC Central Business District and on King Street in Old Town Alexandria.

13. Ride With Traffic

Never ride against the flow of traffic. Always ride in the same direction.

14. Safety at Intersections

Be careful at intersections. Make eye contact with others, signal your intentions and proceed with caution.

15. Use Hand Signals

Use your hand signals to indicate your intentions. Be predictable, alert and lawful.

16. Avoid the Door Zone

When riding alongside parked cars, always leave space to maneuver. Avoid the door zone!

17. Ride in a Straight line (Don't Dodge)

Don’t weave between parked cars – be visible by staying in a straight line in the travel lane.

That’s it! You’re ready to go – use good judgement, be safe and enjoy the ride.