Bank on DC

Enjoy all the perks of a Capital Bikeshare Annual Membership for less than $1 a week!

Bank on DC partners with local banks and non-profits to provide access to financial education and services. It helps thousands of unbanked or underbanked households in metro DC save money and build their financial future.

Bank on DC can also help every community member enjoy the benefits of being a Capital Bikeshare member. All current and new Bank on DC account holders can receive a $35 discount on Capital Bikeshare Annual Memberships – that's just $50 for a year of riding."

How to Sign Up

Current Bank on DC account holders can visit any United Bank or District Government Employees Federal Credit Union (DGEFCU) location to receive a $35 coupon toward the purchase of a Capital Bikeshare Annual Membership.

Become a Bank on DC account holder

Once you have your coupon, sign up online for Capital Bikeshare and click on "Redeem a gift certificate" to enter your discount code. Your Capital Bikeshare key will be mailed to you in less than a week. Activate your key online and you're ready to ride!

Prefer to sign up by phone? Call us at 877-430-2453 and we'll help get you set up.