Plus FAQs

Capital Bikeshare will be launching an ebike pilot program. Riders will have access to ~80 shared ebikes in the metro DC area, in addition to our existing Capital Bikeshare fleet (4,000 bikes and counting).

How much does the motor boost?

The motor boosts up to a speed of 18 mph.

How can I check the battery level?

The battery level is always displayed on the bike by pressing the power button.

Can I ride in the bike lane?

Yes, our ebikes can still be ridden in the bike lane.

When will ebikes be available?

Our ebikes will be available in with ~80 bikes on September 5, 2018

Does it cost extra?

Ebike rides are included in with passes at no extra cost.

How do I take out an ebike?

Riders can locate ebikes using the Capital Bikeshare app, rent them from any station where they are available using their smartphone and park them at any station in metro DC.

How will overage fees work with an ebike?

Our standard overage fee rates will apply to the ebikes. There will not be additional overage fees associated with riding an ebike.