August 2011 Member of the Month

Our Capital Bikeshare Member of the Month, Larry M., is a solutions man. We like that. When the responsibilities of parenthood dragged him away from his beloved bicycle-commuting habits—with morning school drop-offs, conjugal carpooling and the like—did Larry curl up in a fetal position and curse his fate? No. No, he did not. He became a Capital Bikeshare member instead. Since November, 2010, Larry has been making use of Capital Bikeshare at least twice a day throughout the work week, both for meetings and to “commute from downtown to the bus stop at the bottom of the big hill.” You know. The big hill. With the bus stop. Read on for more about Larry-the-Dad-Who-Overcame-Children-and-Hills-to-Ride-Again:

Analysis of Public Comment for Proposed Capital Bikeshare Expansion Stations

Thank you to everyone who provided input on the County’s proposed FY12 Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) station locations in the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor. We received over 300 comments from the public through our online interactive map, public meeting, civic association meetings, and emails. In addition to input in favor of certain stations, we also received helpful input of unfavored stations. With these comments, we’re able to better locate future CaBi stations to better meet demand and neighborhoods’ needs.