Safety Tip: Ride in a Straight Line

It’s smart to be a proactive rider, but you can also make a big difference in your bike safety by simply riding in a straight line! Riding smoothly without unnecessary drifting or swerving is one of those basic bike skills that is easy to dismiss, but can do a lot to increase your visibility, your predictability, and ultimately your safety:

1. When you ride in a straight line, drivers (and other cyclists) expect that you will continue to do so. Being predictable keeps you safer.

2. Ride outside of the door zone and stay there. No swerving means no worrying about car doors.

3. Resist the temptation to move to the right when there are no parked cars. Sure, it can be a relief to get out of traffic, but you are making yourself harder to see and predict.

4. To change lanes or make turns, remember your hand signals. Signal early and often. Back up your signals with eye contact and make your intentions clear.

5. If you find yourself swerving when looking over your shoulder, practice your technique in an empty parking lot.

This is just one tip for safer cycling, but the the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) is a wellspring of more useful information. Make them your go-to resource for safety tips, bike classes, events and more at

June Member of the Month: Steve G.

In honor of the month of Father’s Day, we chose Steve G. as our June Member of the Month after he wrote to us about the impact that Capital Bikeshare has had, not only on his own life, but on his son’s as well. Steve writes:

Not the most compelling CaBi member of the month story [oh, it’s compelling, Steve!], but I’m a Bikeshare Dad. I ride with my son who is in the second grade and has his own bike. He knows how much I rely on its service and that it gets me home from work to see him faster than any other mode. Instead of asking how many years until he is old enough to get the car keys, he wants to know when he can get his own Capital Bikeshare key fob.

Steve had some outstanding answers to the rest of our questions too. Read on for more about how Capital Bikeshare has transformed his life and how he has used it to bond with his son.

On Our Way to Two Million

We are thrilled to be quickly approaching an enormous milestone here at Capital Bikeshare—2 million trips taken! We can’t thank our members enough for believing in this service and it has truly been amazing to see the type of impact that a transit system like Capital Bikeshare can have on a community.