System Data

Thanks for visiting the Capital Bikeshare System Data page. We hope this will be your one stop shop for all Capital Bikeshare performance data. Currently there are two ways to view historical data on system usage. The first is the Capital Bikeshare Dashboard and the second is the trip histories data.

More information on the Capital Bikeshare Dashboard can be found below and the link to reach the dashboard can be found on the right side of this page.

Station status feed in xml format.

For more information on trip history data, click here.

Capital Bikeshare regularly performs extensive surveys of members to learn how they use the program and what impact it has on their lives and the community. Read the reports for these surveys by clicking on the links below.


2014 Capital Bikeshare Member Survey Report

2014 Capital Bikeshare Member Survey Executive Summary


2012 Capital Bikeshare Member Survey Report

2012 Capital Bikeshare Member Survey Executive Summary

Health Implications of the Capital Bikeshare Program


An Executive Summary report was released in concurrence with the Survey, which contains detailed insight on how people are using Capital Bikeshare to get around in the District and Arlington, the impact of the program and the satisfaction of users.

Read both the Survey and Summary by clicking on the links below.

2011 Capital Bikeshare Member Survey

2011 Capital Bikeshare Survey Executive Summary

The Capital Bikeshare Dashboard

The Capital Bikeshare Dashboard is the product of a unique public/private partnership between the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), Arlington County, the city of Alexandria, Montgomery County and Alta Bicycle Share. Capital Bikeshare created this website to increase government transparency, accountability, and communication with Capital Bikeshare members and the general public, as well as to facilitate decision-making about the program. It is our belief that a structured performance measurement system can facilitate the distillation of key data items to identify areas needing improvement or highlighting success.

What performance metrics are included in the Capital Bikeshare Dashboard?

The following performance metrics will be posted and updated on the Dashboard each month. All available historical data for the system has been entered into the Dashboard. The performance metrics fall under the performance categories of Ridership, Fleet Performance and Safety, Customer Service and Membership.

This data is provided according to the Capital Bikeshare Data License Agreement.

  • Ridership

  • Number of trips per Month
  • Trip Origin/Destination by Municipality
  • Trip Origin/Destination by Station
  • Trips per Time Interval
  • Percentage of trips per time interval
  • Miles Travelled per Month
  • Fleet Performance and Safety

  • Bicycles in Service
  • Fleet Maintenance (Number of Bikes Inspected/Repaired) per Month
  • Bicycles Damaged per Month
  • Customer Service

  • Stations Full or Empty - Number of Instances
  • Stations Full or Empty - Time Interval
  • Stations Full or Empty - Percentage of Instances per Time Interval
  • Stations Full - Instances of Additional Time Granted
  • Stations Full - Total Number of Extra Minutes Granted
  • Rebalancing - Number of Times Bicycles Picked up and dropped off at Stations
  • Customer Service Calls - Number of Incoming Calls and Lost Calls
  • Membership

  • Total Number of Users
  • New Members

How do I view the Data?

To view the data, please click here or click on the graph at the right of the screen. This will open a new tab in your browser directing you to the Dashboard.

If you have any questions about the Dashboard, please consult the Dashboard Tutorial and the Dashboard Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any further questions or would like to provide comments on the data, please contact and reference the Capital Bikeshare Dashboard.