Terms and Conditions Update

August 2017 changes to Rental Agreement and Release

We’ve updated and revised two documents:

  1. Bicycle Rental Agreement

  2. Liability Waiver and Release

Effective immediately for new members and on September 28, 2017 for existing members. If you rent a bicycle or use our other services after September 28, 2017, you are agreeing to do so under the new terms.

Summary of Changes

We changed the format of our Rental Agreement, Liability Waiver and Release by splitting it in two. Now, the the account, billing, riding rules and other provisions are contained in the “Rental Agreement,” and the liability waiver, release, indemnification, and voluntary assumption of risk provisions are contained in the “Release.”

In addition to this format change, we’ve made a few other smaller changes. Below are some highlights of the changes, but please read the new Rental Agreement and Release in their entirety.

Rental Agreement:

  • Introduction: We added some language to account for the new Capital Bikeshare mobile app.

  • Section 17: We updated our address.


  • We added a bullet-point summary of the Release at the top, so you can see at a glance what you’re acknowledging.

  • Section 5: We updated our address.

New Rental Agreement
New Release