Trip History Data

Overview of the Trip History Data

When a rental occurs within the system our software collects basic data about the trip. That data can be exported from our system and used for various types of analysis or research. By making this data available we hope to stimulate that analysis or research amongst a much wider community. Please note, all private data including member names has been removed from these files.

What is included?

Each .csv file contains data for one quarter of the year. Within each file there are 7 columns.

  • Duration - Duration of trip
  • Start date – Includes start date and time
  • End date – Includes end date and time
  • Start station – Includes starting station name and number
  • End station – Includes ending station name and number
  • Bike # - Includes ID number of bike used for the trip
  • Member Type – Lists whether user was a Registered (annual or monthly) or Casual (1 to 5 day) member. NOTE: The 3-day membership replaced the 5-day during Fall '11.


If you have any further questions or would like to provide comments on the data, please contact and reference the Capital Bikeshare Trip History Data.

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