To use Capital Bikeshare, you must first become a member. There are six membership options: 24-hour, 3-day, Day Key, 30-day, annual or annual installment. Once you're a member, you will get the first 30 minutes of each trip free and pay an additional fee for every 30 minute period thereafter.

During WMATA's SafeTrack maintenance initiative, Capital Bikeshare has introduced the Single-Trip Fare to allow residents, visitors and commuters to take a single trip of up to 30 minutes on Capital Bikeshare for $2. Simply approach any station kiosk and select "Single-Trip Fare" to purchase. Usage fees apply for trips of 30 minutes or more.

The Single-Trip Fare is a pilot fare that is being tested during the WMATA SafeTrack maintenance initiative to help our area get around.

Membership and Usage Fees

Membership Fee
Single Trip $2
24-hour $8
3-day $17
Day key $10 initial fee + $7/day
30-day $28
Annual $85
Annual with Monthly Installments $96 ($8/month for 12 months)

If you choose a membership or pass, you can take as many trips as you'd like during your membership period and the first 30 minutes of each trip are free! After the first 30 minutes, you will be charged an additional fee based on the rates shown below. For example, a 90-minute trip would cost you nothing for the 1st 30-minute period, $1.50 for the second 30 minutes, and $3.00 for the third - for a total of $4.50 for the whole trip. Note: usage fees for 3-day and 24-hour members are higher than keyholding memberships.

The Day Key membership option is ideal for riders who use the system on an irregular basis, but wish to avoid the hassle of the touch-screen purchase when they're ready to take a trip. The Day Key membership costs just $10 and provides the member with a system key, same as annual and 30-day members. When you purchase a Day Key membership, one 24-hour access period is preloaded into your system key, just activate your key online to begin using it. After your initial 24-hour access period expires, simply purchase additional 24-hour access period by using your key to unlock a bicycle from any station. Your card on file will be automatically charged $7 for the new 24-hour access period.

Interested in an Annual Membership with Monthly Installments? More details here!

Usage Fees

Ride Time Total Hourly Fee
24-hour and 3-day Members
Total Hourly Fee
Day Key, 30-Day, Annual,
and Annual with Monthly Installments Members
0 - 29:59 min FREE FREE
30:00 - 59:59 min $2.00 $1.50
60:00 - 89:59 min $6.00 $4.50
90:00 - 119:59 min $14.00 $10.50
2:00:00 - 2:29:59 hours $22.00 $16.50
2:30:00 - 2:59:59 hours $30.00 $22.50
3:00:00 - 3:29:59 hours $38.00 $28.50
3:30:00 - 3:59:59 hours $46.00 $34.50
4:00:00 - 4:29:59 hours $54.00 $40.50
4:30:00 - 4:59:59 hours $62.00 $46.50
5:00:00 - 5:29:59 hours $70.00 $52.50
5:30:59 - 5:59:59 hours $78.00 $58.50
6:00:00 - 6:29:59 hours $86.00 $64.50
6:30:59 - 23:59:59 hours $94.00 $70.50

If you would like to take a bike for an extended period of time, we recommend that you rent a bike from a local bike rental shop.

Don't have a credit or debit card? Bank on DC can assist.

Free Bikeshare Membership For Qualified Participants Living or Working in Montgomery County!

Montgomery County’s Department of Transportation is offering financial assistance to make it easier for people of low income to use Capital Bikeshare. A limited amount of funding is available through the Montgomery County Low Income Bikeshare Program (MCLiberty) to improve travel options for low income commuters living or working in the County or enrolled in job training or educational programs.

Those who qualify for the program based on income requirements will receive free services, including: free membership for up to one year ($85 value), free bicycle education and safety training and a free bike helmet.

The MCLiberty bikeshare assistance program will be offered to a limited number of income-qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. To see if you qualify, contact Commuter Services at (240) 777-8380 or Assistance in completing a registration form is available.

Arlington County Residents Can Pay Cash for Membership & Usage Fees

Arlington County now accepts cash payments from Arlington residents for Capital Bikeshare memberships and user fees. This one-year (2015) pilot program is designed to make access to Capital Bikeshare easier for Arlingtonians who don’t have a credit or debit card, or prefer to pay cash, to join.

Arlington residents can sign-up for a Capital Bikeshare membership at any of Arlington’s five Commuter Store locations. You must bring a current government-issued photo ID with your Arlington address shown, such as a driver's license. Or you can show your passport, Permanent Resident Card, or Employment Authorization Card along with a copy of a utility bill dated within the past 60 days with your name and Arlington address. Accounts can be opened with as little as $16 in cash toward the standard price of an annual membership with monthly installments. This covers the $8 per month membership fee plus usage fees for trips beyond the first free 30 minutes. Another option is to pay $100 in cash for the annual membership cost of $85, and the remaining $15 will be used towards usage fees.

Commuter Store staff will register customers and provide a member fob to begin using Capital Bikeshare immediately. Arlington will debit cash members accounts with monthly membership and usage fees as they occur and notify them when their account credit runs low in order to add more money.

Capital Bikeshare Billing Questions?

If you have questions about Capital Bikeshare charges or any other billing-related questions, please call the Capital Bikeshare Call Center at 1-877-430-BIKE (2453).