About Capital Bikeshare


In August 2008, the District of Columbia became the first jurisdiction in North America to launch a bikesharing system. SmartBike D.C. offered 120 bikes at 10 stations in downtown D.C. and the Center City. Approximately 1,600 people joined SmartBike D.C. during its 2 years of operation.

Meanwhile, Arlington County, VA was working on its own plans for a bikesharing system. Together, Arlington and the District reviewed proposals and selected an operator for a new bikesharing system in May 2010. Over two years, the two jurisdictions established the regional Capital Bikeshare system that now offers over 370 stations and 3100+ bikes.

In August 2012, Alexandria, VA launched eight stations, becoming the newest member of the Capital Bikeshare community. In May 2013, Montgomery County became the latest DC-area jurisdiction to join the Capital Bikeshare program. Working together, the District of Columbia, Arlington County, Alexandria and Montgomery County are proud to bring an expansive, multijurisdictional transportation system to the region.

The Capital Bikeshare system is owned by the participating jurisdictions and is operated by Motivate, a Brooklyn, NY-based company that operates several other bikesharing systems including Citibike in New York City, Hubway in Boston and Divvy Bikes in Chicago.

Our Partners

The development of Capital Bikeshare was supported by many partners, including:


In 2012, Arlington County completed a comprehensive 6 year plan for Capital Bikeshare in Arlington. This “Transit Development Plan” includes an overview of the Capital Bikeshare program, the State of the Practice, an expansion plan and a financial plan. The plan was developed with extensive public input at all stages.

Final versions of the executive summary and the complete plan are available for download below.